Our Services

Construction Services

Construction work includes building in different Sorts (traditional, fortified, buildings with iron bars) for different sites as well as all businesses of widening, Improving, and demolition. We are known locally for our creative, sustainable, and holistic design approach which, from the outset, embraces economic operational performance. Our professionals around Iraq strive to deliver visionary buildings that maximize naturally occurring energy and minimize waste. From creation to completion and beyond, we help clients reach the optimal potential of every project.

  • Highways pavements with sides works.
  • Designing buildings, bridges and construction.
  • Rehabilitation internal and external roads and park areas.
  • Constructing Reservoir and fabricating steel structures or industrial shed.
  • Design and implementation of row and pure water networks.
  • Design and implementation sewage water (heavy water) and raining water networks.
  • Steel Structure and Building structures
  • Equipment supports, skids, Platforms and stairways
  • Digging Channels and wells.
  • Supplying all necessary equipment and materials for construction (basis maintainers, diggers, cranes, cement factory.
  • Establishment and maintenance works of all types of buildings.
  • Building and rehabilitation of schools, hospitals and all different types of structures.

Electrical Engineering

The power source in an industrial building is essential for an uninterrupted workflow. We know how crucial it is to ensure that machinery is running correctly and safely. Our services in this area include installation and maintenance services working in factories and industrial units. We install new machinery, BMS systems, data cabling, high and low voltage power distribution circuits, control panel installation and we can assist with all aspects of your power and electrical needs if moving location.
Our electrical engineers provide electrical installation design services for even the
most complex buildings. Whatever your requirements, size of building or use, we can design a bespoke electrical system. It will work correctly, safely and efficiently. Every electrical design that we provide uses the latest in design software and is tailored to our customers’ needs and requirements. Within our electrical installation design services, we look at electrical distribution including low voltage and high voltage systems, energy management systems, and network analytics. If you would like to find out more about our design services in IRAQ.

No job is too large, small or difficult. We wire anything electrical:

  • Electric Meters – Installation & Rebuild
  • Panels
  • Service Upgrades
  • Nashville Code Violation Repairs
  • Home Wiring Installation
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Switches
  • Receptacles
  • Power Distribution
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Power Turn-Ons – Service Release
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Hot Tub Wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Alterations
  • Equipment Wiring.
  • Solar Power Energy.
  • Solar Power Panels.
  • Solar AC and Heating Systems.

Our capabilities

Field Instrumentation​
  • Extensive experience in the oil & gas field instrumentation specialty and its accessories across the projects phases.
  • In-house instruments calibration with certified standard equipment traced to international accreditation.
  • Calibrated and up-to-date supporting tools and equipment of different models to suits the diverse nature of Rumaila field instrumentation.
  • Certified & trained Instruments engineers & technicians in a Varity of tasks and activities.
Process Automation Systems
  • Thorough knowledge in DCS and PLC constuction in several oil and sites.
  • Cable trays, field junction boxes, glanding, marshailing cabinets, testing and commissioning to system handover.
  • Systems Corrective and Preventive maintenance activities.
  • Certified engineers to work on the Rockwell Automation Systems with the accredited training.
  • Trained engineers and technicians to carry out the jobs correctly.
  • Constantly developing local engineers by sending them to training and job-specific classrooms.
  • The ability to provide international
  • expertise when needed seamlessly.
  • Contributing to the local community by providing jobs and training.

Health, Safety and Environment

The safety of all staff and employees is a top priority in our company departments. Everyone is responsible, at all times, for striving to exceed the minimum legal safety standards set forth by the Workers Compensation Act, and other regulatory bodies to reduce the risk involved with working in our facilities.
The Departments of our company has an HSE Committee made up of management, staff, and graduate workers that meets monthly to discuss issues of Health, Safety, and Environmental impact that affects the Department and to review any safety incidents that have occurred.
The minutes of each meeting are available for all to review and can be found on the HSE bulletin boards in each Department. The Department provides an HSE orientation for all management members, staff, and workers. Our HSE provides total solutions to real-world problems in the sphere of fire protection, safety and environment protection and undertakes contracts on total turnkey responsibility right from identifying the problem, in-depth analysis, and recommending the right and reliable solution integrating the world’s best technology.

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